Sovereign Policies

Sovereign Policies

Table of Contents

1. Conduct: General Conduct Policies


2.Raiding Policies

2.1.General Information



2.4. General Invite Priorities and Notes

2.5. Substitution Policy

2.6. Strategies

2.7. Loot


3. Rank: Promotions & Privileges

3.1.  Alt

3.2. Casual

3.3. Recruit

3.4. Member

3.5. Veteran

3.6. Officer

3.7. Council

3.8. Switching Mains:

3.9 Multi-Guilding


4. Guild Bank Policies


5.Disciplinary Action


6. Dispute & Appeal Policy


7. Sovereign Officer Directory


Sovereign, an end-game guild, is a closely knit group of people dedicated to creating a focused, yet friendly atmosphere to make playing World of Warcraft an enjoyable experience. While end-game content is the primary goal, we do not overlook the reason we all started playing games in the first place - to have fun. Understanding that, there are a few general conduct policies that all members are expected to abide by.

1. Conduct: General Conduct Policies

1.1.Begging of any kind will not be tolerated.

1.2.Guild chat is to be used for discussing guild related matters. It is not a forum for guild members to discuss personal matters.

a) NO politics

b) NO religion

c) NO commentary about other players (in guild or not)

d) NO racial, sexual, or other-al insensitive/biased chat

e) NO indecent or over-sexual chat

f) In essence – please be judicious in your conversations.

g) Harassment: Refrain from harassing other WoW players, including members of the Alliance and Horde. You represent our guild and you’re actions may reflect poorly on Sovereign.

2.Raiding Policies

While on a guild raid, all members of Sovereign are expected to behave in a responsible fashion. To ensure that the raid is conducted in a coordinated and timely manner, all members of Sovereign are asked to abide by the following guidelines.

2.1.General Information

Raid Days, Times, and Durations are currently under review. Finalized Policies will be in place as soon as possible.

a) Guild Sponsored Raids will be regularly scheduled each week.

b) If possible, off-nights and/or Holidays will be posted on the Raid Calendar in advance, otherwise assume there will be a Raid.

c) Invite time: 6:45 server. Buffs start 15 minutes later, and the first pull will be made as soon as buffs are finished.

d) Raids will last for two (2) to three (3) hours.

Please plan to clear your personal schedule for at least three (3) hours if you sign up for a Raid.

Breaks will be taken as needed throughout the instance to allow players to take a few minutes to handle any matters they may need to.

Typically, Raids end between 9:15 - 9:45, later if a Progression boss is near death on prior attempts.

e) All members who are scheduled to attend the Raid are expected to:

Be online with the character that is signed up.

Be ready to accept an invite at the designated time. (i.e. drop your current group)

Be at the nights designated Raid location.

f) Do not PUG for an encounter that Sovereign is working on/has scheduled

g) Guild members, please work with the Council should you find you'll be online but unavailable to attend due to other circumstances such as a need for frequent afk's.


a) Please be prepared.

Bring all necessary Flasks, Reagents, Food, etc. And above all, please repair.

b)Please be courteous and attentive to the Raid Leader.

The key to a quick-paced, effortless Raid is clear communication and attentiveness. If a Raid Leader is forced to repeat their instructions or reissue warnings or target assignments, the Raid will inevitably be slowed.

We do encourage the contribution of ideas and suggestions, but please use tells rather then Vent or raid chat to reduce confusion.

c) Keep Raid chat and Vent clear when the Raid Leader is giving instructions and looting.

Mistakes can potentially occur when raid chat is not kept clear, rolls can be missed or pertinent information may be lost otherwise.

d) Do not go away from the keyboard (AFK) without first alerting the Raid Leader.

We also ask that players try to limit the number of times they need to go AFK by taking care of any personal matters they may need to prior to the scheduled start time of the Raid.

e) No random rolls while in the instance. Only the Raid leader can initiate rolls.

f) Refrain from looting mobs while in the middle of a fight.

g) Remind the Raid Leader to set looting to 'Master Looter' if you see that they have not done so. Raid Leaders have a lot to consider, so please remember to help them in any way you can.

h) Report poor behavior to the Raid Leader or an Officer.

i) If another member is causing problems of any type, report the situation to the Raid Leader or an Officer at once. Poor or negative behavior will not be tolerated.

j) Having fun is first and foremost, however, when participating in an Raid we ask that all members keep their proper gear on during battles.


a) Raids invitations will be sent via the In-Game Calendar.

b) Members should have a valid log in and character created on If not, contact an officer in game or send a pm to the Council group via the forum to correct the issue.

c) Members must make every effort to use the Raid calendar. Raid leaders often use sign-ups to pre-assign roles to certain individuals. This allows for a smoother Raid and reduced explanation time.

d) Please use in-game mail or a forum pm to indicate any special circumstances, such as needing to leave by a particular time, late arrival, or % chance of being available.

e) Use of the raid calendar does not guarantee an invite, but is required for initial invite consideration

Conversely, not using the Raid calendar will remove you from initial invite priority and you will not be considered on the following Raid night if you were wait-listed, but does not guarantee exclusion.

f) It is the members' responsibility to advise leadership of their particular availability or desire for certain dates/encounters AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

g) If a member signs up for a guild raid, without a comment or as canceled, they are expected to show up. TLDR if you sign up show up.

Understandably, situations will arise where a player might schedule themselves for a run but find themselves unable to attend because of something unforeseen (an emergency, sudden power loss, etc.). In such cases, no action will be taken or considered if a member is unable to attend a operation or suddenly drop because of an unforeseen circumstance.

h) If a member wishes to drop from a raid (reason appreciated but emergencies understood) and it's

i) Two Hours or more Prior to Start:

Set themselves to Canceled on the Raid Calendar.

Update their comment with reason or at least a note.

j) Two Hours or less Prior to Start:

Update their comment with reason or at least a note.

Make an effort to notify Leadership, by any means available.

k) After Start or During Operation:

Notify the Raid leader.

2.4. General Invite Priorities and Notes

a) The basic structure follows, but is subject to change based on unforeseen circumstances. The final decision on invite priority lays with the Raid Leadership (Raid Leader/Council Members)

b) Refer to Ranks section for break-down of rank priority, in general Members have no priority but have a higher priority then Members that did not sign-up.

c) NOTHING guarantees a spot every night, we all need to be working together.

d) Priorities that are always in effect and taken into consideration (Not necessarily in order listed outside of Class/Role Balance) are:

Class/Role Balance

Gear requirements

Prior Attendance in regards to sign-ups and following guidelines

Perceived Effort to better yourself and fellow members

Raid Leader goals for the Raid that night

Known special conditions on a per-Member basis

e) General Priority "Guidelines"

Signed up, At Instance (On-Time)

Leaders discretion depending on 'At Instance' availability

Signed up, At Instance (On-Time), Member (Special Case)

Signed up, Not At Instance(On-Time)

Not signed up, At Instance (On-Time)

Not signed up, Not At Instance (On-Time)

**Important Note: Items in this sections are meant as GUIDELINES and provided to help members understand why they may be sitting.

**Do not assume an invite because of class requirements, and skip sign-ups. Disciplinary action may be taken if it becomes habit.

2.5. Substitution Policy

a) Due to the complexity and scripting of encounters, and the size of our active Raiding membership, it is necessary to ask members to wait-list, and to ask members to sub out for those wait-listed.

b) Raid Leaders will make every reasonable attempt to fill the raid as outlined in Sign-Ups.

c) Raid Leaders will make every reasonable attempt to advise members of being asked to wait-list and/or sub out.

d) Members should take into consideration that oftentimes more than 10 people will desire to Raid on any given night. As such, Raid Leaders will do their best to accommodate previously discussed special cases when possible.

2.6. Strategies

a) When going to a new progression boss, someone we haven't downed yet, there are going to be strategies posted on the website within the Forums and the Strategies Widget.

b) The thread will be posted, and when you review it, post that you reviewed it so Raid leaders know who knows the encounter.

c) You must post if you want to be considered for the Raid against that specific progression boss.

2.7. Loot

a) In any Raid where loot has not been automatically distributed, Sovereign utilizes a Main Spec over Off-spec loot system, known as the Sovereign Honor Loot System, items will be distributed in the following order:

Main Spec, one Tier item and one Epic item only per Raid Lockout.

Off-Spec, unlimited items per Raid Lockout.

Alt, unlimited items per Raid Lockout.

Patterns and Crafting Materials are decided on a case by case basis. Council shall designate and distribute these items to individuals in an effort to expedite the gearing of our membership.

b) Main-Spec may be eligible to receive additional items provided no other Main-Spec expresses interest in the item.

c) When multiple people are interested in an item they will /roll 100. The highest roll wins the item.

d) Bind on Equip Items will be distributed only to Main-Spec. If no Main-Spec is interested, the item shall be deposited into the guild bank. See guild bank rules for more information on guild bank items.

e) In any loot dispute council will have the final say.

3. Rank: Promotions & Privileges

3.1. Alt

a) Alts must be characters owned by current guild members

b) Alts do not have loot priority over any other rank

3.2. Casual

a) Casual members are friends and/or family of active  Members and Veterans.  Casual members do not wish to participate in raids but want an active guild to call home.

3.3. Recruit

a) Recruits are to remain at their current rank for a period of no less than one (1) and no more than three (3) weeks, referred to as the “probationary period”. During this period the Recruit will be assessed by Council Members based on the Recruits individual performance within the Raid and/or General Attitude with in the guild. Recruits may be given the opportunity to be promoted to Member and end the probationary period.

b)Recruits may be removed based on the decision of the Council if they feel the Recruits behavior and comportment within a Raid or Guild chat was detrimental to the Guilds' well being.

c)Recruits who do not meet the promotional requirements can request a second probationary period, the same criteria would be used if the request is approved.

d)Loot for any Recruit is determined by the Council for the duration of their probationary period.

3.4. Member

a) This rank is our basic member rank that most people will find suitable for their needs.

b) A Member may request promotion to Veteran via pm to the Council on the guild forums. After receiving the request Council will review it.

c) A Member is entitled to sign-up, participate in, and collect loot from all Raids sponsored by the guild

3.5. Veteran

a) Veterans are long standing members who have shown exemplary dedication in Raids and to the guild as a whole.

b) Veterans are entitled to sign-up, participate in, and collect loot from all Raids sponsored by the guild.

c) Veterans receive high invite priority in Raids because of their experience and dedication.

d) Veterans will become the core to Heroic Raids

e) Veteran rank will be the highest non-leadership position in the guild currently available . They will receive initial promotion priority to officer rank when it is implemented.

3.6. Officer

a) An Officer is the first level in leadership ranks within Sovereign. They will be promoted to the position by Council Decision.

b) An Officer is responsible for managing players in their respective class and offering advice on spec, gear, mods, play style, rotations, etc

c) An Officer will also aid the Recruitment Officer with the evaluation of Recruits

3.7. Council

a) The Council sets policies and enforces them, and is the body which determines the long term progression plan.

b) Council will contain the follow positions depending on the guilds needs:

Guild Master, responsible for the long term progression of Sovereign, manages the other Council Members, determines deficiencies in the guild and works to correct them.

Raid Officer(s), manages the raid and evaluates current and future Raid encounters, puts together strategies for the guild.

Inter-guild relations Officer, responsible for furthering Alliances and Adversaries with other guilds.

Recruitment Officer, responsible for evaluating the guilds needs for members and actively attempting to fill those positions.

Arbiter aka Member-Relations Officer, responsible for the handling of internal disputes that require the council to resolve, and doing so in an unbiased fashion.

Bank Manager, responsible for the collection and distribution of Guild items.

3.8. Switching Mains:

As a guild, we believe that all members should be able to play the toon that they wish to as their main, but we also believe that the declaration of a main is a serious choice, not to be entered into lightly. As such, every member is allowed to switch their main twice per year with no restriction. After this, there will be a cool down period of no less than six(6) months on changing mains again. When making an alt a main, please notify the Council of your intention.  Switching to another class or role may affect your ability to secure a regular raid spot - please discuss with the Council. There is a two-week no-loot transition, during which priority for loot would be given to Main Spec Mains, and the transitioning character may receive loot with the same priority as a Recruit / Casual (see Loot Priority above).

3.9 Multi-Guilding

Sovereign has never openly condoned being a member in multiple guilds, we can not and will not endorse it. Sovereign’s Council believes we can deliver all your needs and there should be no reason to be a member in other guilds. If any issues arise because of multi guilding then Council will take swift and decisive action to prevent reoccurrences which may include but are not limited to ,disciplinary action, demotion and removal from the guild.

4. Guild Bank Policies

a) The guild bank “Give and Take” tab is accessible by all members.  Take what you need, give what you can.

b) The “Raid” bank tab has items that can be requested by any member of Sovereign.  All requests must be made to a Council member.

b)The guild bank will strive to provide cheap and/or free materials, items, upgrades and anything else that will help better the guild and aid in the progression of Raids.

c)Any items that have remained in the guild bank for a period of  twenty days or more may be sold to create income for the guild.

d)The guild ranking system will be used to provide a tiered discount/access system:
Recruit: Subsidized guild bank materials (30% off current AH price*)
Alt: Subsidized guild bank materials (30% off current AH price*)
Member: Subsidized guild bank materials (50% off current AH price*)
Veteran: Subsidized guild bank materials (75% off current AH price*)
Officer: Free guild bank materials
Council: Free guild bank materials
* Or equivalent donations and reasonable limits

5.Disciplinary Action

a) We ask that players abide by all of the policies outlined to avoid Officers having to take any disciplinary action. Regrettably, situations may occur where disciplinary action is warranted. Below are the actions that may be taken and offenses that may warrant such action will be outlined.

b) Offenses that may result in disciplinary action include but are not limited to:

Violation of General and/or Operation conduct policies.

Posting a dispute and/or appeal in guild chat or a website forum.

c) Disciplinary action includes but is not limited to:

A warning from an Officer. The warning may be in the form of a whisper or /tell, or through the in-game mail system.

Demotion. If the offense is deemed serious enough, a player may be demoted one (1) rank. In addition, it is possible for a Member to be demoted to the rank of Recruit. That player will then have to undergo the probationary period again to be restored to their former rank.

Removal from the guild.

d) When considering disciplinary action against a player, a council of all Officers available shall be convened to discuss the possible action.

e) No disciplinary action is to be authorized by any single player. The decision to discipline a member must be made by no less than three (3) members of the aforementioned rank.

f) When disciplinary action is leveled against a member, a report must be maintained in a locked forum only viewable by Council Members.

g) If disciplinary action is considered, but not taken against a member, a report must be maintained in a locked forum only viewable by Council Members.

6. Dispute & Appeal Policy

a) If a disciplinary action or looting question arises that a member of the guild wishes to dispute and/or appeal, we ask that the following procedures be strictly adhered to:

b) All disputes and appeals are to be made directly to a member of the Leadership Council.. Do not post any dispute in guild chat or on the website forum.

c) The Leadership Council member must then report the dispute and/or appeal to the GM at once.

d) If a dispute over looting or disciplinary action is given, the GM shall convene a council to decide if the dispute has any basis.

e) If an appeal is made to review or overturn a disciplinary action, the GM shall convene a council to discuss the basis of the disciplinary action and the grounds for appeal.

7. Sovereign Officer Directory

Arielah (GM) – Recruitment Officer / Website Admin

Maklah – Raid Officer / Inter-guild Relations

Reinhold – Guild Arbiter

Urusai – Bank Manager